Design | 20 February 2015


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Icons are integral to our interaction with the digital world. From our mobile devices to modern websites, icons guide us along the way. Knowing which icon you should click to upload, share, close, or zoom has become incredibly intuitive. As users, we have learned a whole other language.

With our custom website design projects, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel as far as icons for basic interaction go. However, we have created many custom icon sets for our clients’ websites that guide user interaction and add visual interest.

insurance website custom icon

Keller Mack

Local independent insurance agency Keller Mack specializes in everything from homeowner’s and auto to business and investment insurance products. The custom icons we created for them allow the user to process the product listing more easily and efficiently. It is commonplace to see photographs used in an insurance product listing like this but we wanted to break from that mold. Some icons—like the ones for flood insurance and investment properties—posed a bit more of a design challenge. Successful icons should draw attention to the content, not distract from it or make the user experience more difficult.

custom vector icons

While working on the initial site design for Keller Mack we realized quickly that we would need to create a set of custom icons for not only the primary insurance products (like motorcycle, boat, etc.) but also the subset of business insurance products. We had a lot of fun creating icons for contractors, restaurants, retailers, manufacturers and more!

The Purpose Lab

We recently launched a new website for The Purpose Lab—a Philly-based communications marketing firm solely focused on disability service providers. Taking inspiration from the existing logo (designed in-house by The Purpose Lab), we created a set of science-based icons to add visual interest to the primary sections of the website. The homepage of the site features a tab-style overview of these primary sections and they are highlighted by animations of the icons.

vector icon animated gif

Icons—Yay or Nay?

Icon usage on websites is pretty ubiquitous at this point. As with any subject matter, there are myriad differing opinions about icons on the interwebs. Yes, arguments about icons! Not about icons in and of themselves, but icon style. A 2013 Medium article on “Hollow Icons” got a lot of people in the web design and dev communities chatting about the best style, placement, size, etc. of icons.

The long and the short of it is that icons are here to stay. We love creating custom icons and graphics for our clients’ websites that enhance the user experience and the overall aesthetic feeling.

website design for ipad

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