Dreaming of a grown-up Wedding gown
Wedding | 5 June 2012

Dreaming of a grown-up Wedding gown

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When I was a little girl I didn’t dream about my wedding day. I dreamt about starring on broadway in Evita… a dream I believe may still come true someday. I occasionally find myself singing: “I want to be a part of BA, Buenos Aires, Big Apple!” I can’t roll my r’s so it really doesn’t sound too good even in my head.

Here I am dressed up as Eva Peron for some sort of school project in 6th grade. Apparently in my 12-year-old mind, that’s what Eva wore. What I realize now is that Eva was the first fashion icon that I was drawn too before I knew that there was anyone on the planet other than Madonna. I love vintage/vintage-inspired pieces whether for my own sewing projects or new off-the-rack clothes, and maybe this influence had something to do with that.

I recently came across this photo of my cousin Kelly and I playing dress-up. Low and behold I just happen to be wearing a wedding gown. My Mom actually turned her original wedding veil into a dress-up veil for me. Check out my hot Momma back in 1972! (Note: My Mom is clearly a baby here, but check out my Dad in the framed photo on her vanity! He looks fifteen!)

Although I haven’t been dreaming about my wedding day since I was the little girl in that picture, I HAVE been dreaming about what might wedding gown would look like ever since getting engaged. Not being the most traditional of brides, I knew I didn’t want to wear all white. Here was my original plan of action when it came to the wedding gown hunt: Go to fabulous stores and find the most amazing dress possible. If it was royal blue, I’d wear royal blue. If it had polka dots, I’d wear polka dots. The problem is while I wanted someone non-traditional, I still wanted something really over-the-top and that proved a challenge.

While flipping through an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (thanks Mom for buying it for me), I saw an amazing Lazarro gown (see the original photo on the far left in the collage below). I just loved the sculptural quality of the skirt and while it was total bridal I thought it was really unique. That lead me to start thinking that something else was possible, so I began dabbling in Photoshop.

Having what some may call “a full figure,” I knew a ballroom skirt wasn’t gonna cut it. I envisioned a vintage, sexy cut and there is no gown more sexy in my mind than Rosemary Clooney’s black gown from White Christmas. If only I could’ve rigged the dress to play the opening of “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me” every time I entered a room. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Clooney:

So now my dilemma: Who was going to make the dress of my adult dreams? Luckily I found my way to Janice of Janice Martin Couture and instantly I knew I had found the person who could make my gown. So what’s couture? It’s one-of-a-kind and the process was really amazing. Check out this recent post on Janice’s blog by another of her brides who envisioned a Grace Kelly style gown.

Janice and I worked together for many months thinking about how the gown would come together. I love her energy and luckily she loved my enthusiasm for fashion and my desire for a gown that would fit my body type and my personality. Janice also seemed intrigued by my desire for a fuchsia gown! Yup… fuchsia. I’m too pale for all-white!

And now on to the actual gown… The bodice is made of four-ply silk crepe with a contrasting ivory silk organza skirt embellished with “floofs” of the same fabric. The look is completed by a tulle underskirt that flows out from the kick pleat and allows for a peak at my legs (and my amazing Kathryn Amberleigh pumps)!

Check out these amazing photographs by Jacqueline Sclossman of ReadyLuck who captured the fun of our day and the beauty of my amazing gown! If you’d like to see MORE from my colorful wedding, check out Jacqueline’s recent blog post on the Readyluck blog.

All Images Copyright Jacqueline Schlossman/Readyluck

What do you think of my one-of-a-kind couture gown? Share your thoughts below.


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