a story of images: design for philip gabriel photography
Design | 2 November 2010

a story of images: design for philip gabriel photography

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Around this time last year I began working with Gabe Fredericks of Philip Gabriel Photography. Gabe and I are old pals from college – we graduated together from the Photography department of Tyler School of Art. Gabe has always had such a great personality, so it was no surprise to me to find out he had taken his love for creating beautiful images and turned this passion into a wildly successful wedding and portrait photography studio. When Gabe was on the hunt to redesign the portfolio website for Philip Gabriel Photography, I jumped at the chance to work with him!

The new branding above incorporates some elements from the original Philip Gabriel Photography logo but with a more relaxed chic approach and warm, fresh colors. The “Philip” in Philip Gabriel Photography represents Gabe’s Dad who passed on his love for photography and technical prowess to Gabe!

The new design for the Philip Gabriel Photography portfolio site had to feel effortless and function flawlessly. My favorite aspect to the site is how the galleries function – at first offering the viewer just a glimpse of these beautiful moments and then opening up into a story of images.

Gabe and I worked closely on creating a new color palette that complimented the tone of the images.

This was such a fun project for me on so many levels. Not only did I get to work with a former classmate and friend, but I was able to look at these beautiful pictures all day long!

I also redesigned the Philip Gabriel Photography Blog which is where the full stories really get told. Customizing this basic WordPress blog to feel just as elegant as the main portfolio website was no easy task! What was most important is that the images be integrated into an equally compelling visual structure that Gabe could easily update.

What a fun project! And keep a look out for the new Portrait Photography section to launch soon onĀ Philip Gabriel Photography.

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