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new projects: jon krause illustration + tempesta di mare
Design | 3 January 2011

Two new design projects recently launched – a website for Philadelphia Illustrator Jon Krause and a website for Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra Tempesta di Mare. Jon Krause is a fellow Tyler School of Art alum and his works have been featured in Reader’s Digest,Read More

'Tis the season for Photoshop
Design | 8 December 2010

UPDATE: Listen to our full 2008 Christmas mix online!

It’s Christmas time and I can’t get enough of presents, holiday music, chocolately-coffee drinks and my Mom’s sugar cookies! I’ve been looking forward to December to write a special blog for the holiday season…. Read More

Letting my web geek flag fly
Design | 12 November 2010

I’ve been wanting to spotlight the website redesign project I recently completed for Sunset Entertainment Group – so here goes! In August, the redesigned site launched with a slick and may-I-dare-say sex look…. Read More

a story of images: design for philip gabriel photography
Design | 2 November 2010

Around this time last year I began working with Gabe Fredericks of Philip Gabriel Photography. Gabe and I are old pals from college – we graduated together from the Photography department of Tyler School of Art…. Read More

Give-away: Patent Drawing Art Prints
Art | 26 October 2010

I love creating pieces for my home. I’ve recently been working on a set of patent drawing collages for my office. As a photographer and digital artist, patent drawings of viewers,… Read More

Two drinks at once
Food & Fun & Drink | 8 October 2010

This week’s Foto Friday is a FOUND Foto Friday. Like many photographers, I just love old photographs. And I especially love my family’s old photographs. I wanted to post some pictures of my parents from the 1970s…. Read More

Happy healthy terrific
Business | 6 October 2010

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive person. As someone who is trying to make art, while building a personal business, and at the same time teaching a bunch of college classes,… Read More

Saving the date
Design | 1 October 2010

My fiance and I are trying to narrow down our wedding date and location. We’ve almost got it finalized… fingers crossed! Our next step will be to create some fun Save-the-Dates for our friends and family…. Read More

The Ginger Path
Food & Fun & Drink | 24 September 2010

I thought for this week’s Foto Friday post I might share some fun gifts I have made for the man-friend. To celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together, I created a fake pulp novel cover based on an original 1950s-era book by Gale Wilhelm…. Read More

Wedding | 17 September 2010

This past Sunday, my man friend asked me to marry him. I will have to come up with something new to call him once we’re married because I guess “man friend”… Read More

Whether buried or laid bare
Art | 11 September 2010

These images were taken during my time at the Ravensbruck Concentration camp. Just two hours outside of Berlin, the Ravensbruck camp was the largest all-female camp during the Nazi reign in Germany. … Read More

Inliquid Art + Design Benefit v.11
Art | 10 September 2010

If you’re an artist working in the Philadelphia-area, you’re bound to know of or perhaps be a member of InLiquid. Their art + design silent auction benefit is rapidly approaching! I’m unable to attend the event on September 30th,… Read More

What a delicious photo you have there
Food & Fun & Drink | 3 September 2010

The hot week is finally coming to a close! In the midst of this most recent heat-wave and with the start of the semester, I just can’t stop thinking that I’m ready for it to be Fall in all of its glory…. Read More

Nothing fancy
Art | 2 September 2010

Everyone’s got a friend in a band, and I’m no different. I’m happy to report that most of my friends’ bands are pretty good. I created the image above for Meeting in the Aisle (you should follow them @mitaisle or…. Read More

Luck be an old sign tonight
Typography | 27 August 2010

In December of 2009, I surprised my man-friend with a trip to Las Vegas. Vegas is total spectacle and if you’ve ever been, you know that even the airport is full of glitz,… Read More

Tank Man 20
Art | 26 August 2010

Tank Man 20 is a collaborative project I organized last year at Tyler School of Art. Over 90 first year students enrolled in Foundation Computers participated in the creation of the piece…. Read More

A little lesson on resolution
Technology | 23 August 2010

I was walking the dog today and thinking about how exciting it is that more and more people are using the technology they have available to them to create and share digital images and video…. Read More

Ich kann kein Deutsch
Art | 20 August 2010

The title of this post means “I can’t speak German”.  I was fortunate enough to travel to Germany TWICE in 2009. I am a lucky, lucky girl. This photograph was taken inside an S-Bahn (subway) station in Berlin…. Read More

Got fabric?
Food & Fun & Drink | 19 August 2010

As an amateur seamstress, I always find myself with extra swatches of fabric that I have no use for – most of the times because they are too small or oddly shaped…. Read More

Site for Sunset
Design | 17 August 2010

The new site for Sunset Entertainment Group is functioning entirely through WordPress and it was an exciting process. For any web-tech geeks out there, you might appreciate the implementation of the Jquery UI accordion component on the clients and sunset artists pages…. Read More