Little Oakland wedding
Wedding | 30 January 2013

Little Oakland wedding

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In September, the hubby and I traveled across the country to celebrate the fact that two of the greatest people we know were getting married. Our friends Dan and Amanda are Philadelphia defectors who have one of those adorable friends-first love stories. Thinking about the moment that I found out that they had finally gotten together still brings a big ol’ smile to my face!

When they mentioned that they would be throwing their own wedding in their gorgeous lake front Oakland apartment we immediately started looking for flights out to the West Coast. I offered to take some photographs of the wondrous occasion and I thought it might be nice to share images of this gorgeous couple. It’s also nice to remember the mild West Coast weather during this onslaught of weird Winter weather our coast is currently experiencing, but I digress!

Andy and I threw what I might call a “DIY” wedding, but Dan and Amanda’s wedding was in their living room! A bunch of family and friends helped them prep the night before but Amanda had already created so many amazing DIY paper pieces – from table cards and menus to the adorable doily “coasters” shown above. They also prepared ALL of the food for the dinner and baked some scrumptious desserts.

The room shown above with Amanda’s breathtaking bridal jumpsuit – that’s right, I typed jumpsuit (from BHLDN) – is actually the couple’s bedroom, converted into a lounge area for drinks and desserts.

Dan and Amanda know a lot about cheese. When I say “a lot” I mean enough that if I had a cheese question, I might ask them first… despite the three hour time difference. They also know a lot about Manhattans and it could be said that their wedding weekend got us hooked (more on our newfound love of this cocktail on our turkey day post).

Let me take a moment – or many moments – to speak of the couple’s style. Amanda wore a jumpsuit – BHLDN’s “Lady Lindy” Jumpsuit to be more specific. Girlfriend’s got some balls – this chiffon one-piece is so simple, sophisticated but it takes the right kind of bride to wear it. And wear it Amanda sure did. Her vintage shoes, jewelry and birdcage veil completed the look and it’s effortless.

Dan puts the ‘d’ in dapper. I don’t really know what else to say… except to say that he’s wearing a fab three-piece suit from Al’s Attire and Allen Edmonds shoes.

For their first look, Amanda had the idea to stand back-to-back holding hands. To be fair, I believe she got the idea from Pinterest, but kudos for remembering that detail on the big day!

I know what you’re thinking (East Coasters) – that’s Oakland? I know, it’s crazy. Oakland has a lake? It does, it does indeed.

Then it was off to the Sidebar with this stylish couple for Manhattans! I left after snapping a couple of cute shots so they could enjoy a nice quiet, Bourbon-filled moment to themselves before heading back to their lake house for the ceremony. The ceremony was followed with so much delicious food which I did not photograph because I was too busy eating it. Later, the living room was converted to a dance floor on which everyone was sure to get down – especially me and the bride!

So in conclusion, what a wonderful time was had by all. Andy and I continue our campaign to somehow lure Dan and Amanda back to Philadelphia. Unless we can create a man-made lake in Kensington, I think we’re out of luck.  We will have to “settle” for future cross-country trips with good cocktails and great friends!

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