Business | 19 September 2012

Let ME Help YOU

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Did you know that once a website is launched, we (Beth Blinebury Design, that is) provide our clients with customized video tutorials to enable them to manage and maintain their website themselves? It’s true! I wouldn’t lie to you friend.

I have tried to explain these tutorials to a few people recently and then it got me thinking… why not show off an example of what I’m talking about so potential clients can see what I’m talkin’ about? So here it is, a sample video tutorial to watch and enjoy! In this video tutorial, I give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our awesome clients’ websites. Ellen B. Cutler’s website for her company¬†LNB Associates¬†(get it?) is a shining example of one of our clients utilizing available technology to share information (in Ellen’s case, it’s her writing) with the internet world!

The majority of BBD website projects are built using WordPress as the content management system (or CMS). WordPress makes it super easy to add and edit content like blog posts or website pages. The video tutorials are customized to our client’s needs like an artist needing the ability to edit a portfolio to a local business that updates their inventory on a weekly basis.

So without further reading, here it is. Disclaimer: I pronounce the word “our” like the word “are.” It’s a Philly thing and I’ve never been more aware of it than watching this video. For more on how I and other Philadelphians speak, please review this article from the City Paper.

Warning: There is some slight audio clipping… I’m loud, what can I say?¬†

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