Love Meets Dorkiness: Let Us Plan a Wedding!
Design, Wedding | 13 November 2011

Love Meets Dorkiness: Let Us Plan a Wedding!

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So, our Save-The-Dates were sent and our Wedding Website set up. And even though our Tarantino-heavy film theme would play into the wedding further, Beth & I needed to establish a separate look for our nuptials. What better way to set the theme than with the wedding invitation?

As per both of our design tendencies, we agreed that we wanted to create something tasteful with a creative use of fonts, but still add a splash of bright, fun colors. And then it hit me: We’re design dorks who want fun colors, so we need to go CMYK!

While looking at different print materials on the web, I came across Mucca Design’s incredible brand identity work for restaurant and bakery Balthazar and we looked at their bakery wholesale division emblem as a rough framework for how the crux of the wedding announcement could look. Beth put some rough sketches together, but couldn’t find the right combination of elements to make her happy, so in the true spirit of almost-married teamwork, she passed the torch to me for a fresh perspective.

My favorite aspect of Beth’s Illustrator sketches was a string of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black-pattern circles as well as her ornate rules. The circles brought such a burst of color to the white surface that I knew the type need only be black. I used Birch Std as the main typeface, then chose Honey Script Light, ITC Kabel and the wonderful new Lost Type Co-Op’s Duke to round out the text. I carved out shadow strokes on our names, set the magenta ampersand back as the center of a logo, placed the CMYK circles and…

When it all came together, we loved the slight carnival poster feel it conveyed. To complete the invitation, we framed it with a black slit card from Paper Presentation that has a scalloped edge that matched our circle theme. We were thrilled, and it would go on to set the look of our entire wedding, from our huge CMYK balloons to our dessert table! (stay tuned for more on those).

Our programs and wedding signage followed suit, printed on Epson’s beautiful Hot Press Bright 100% cotton fiber paper.

Next up, our Groomsmen-brewed nuptial beer, GingerBury Ale. Stay tuned!

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