Love meets Dorkiness Part Deux
Design, Wedding | 12 August 2011

Love meets Dorkiness Part Deux

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A few months ago, I posted the story behind the movie-geek Save the Date cards that I created with my fiancé/man-friend. As promised, here is part deux of “love meets dorkiness.” Our love of Quentin Tarantino movies (and movies in general) goes beyond our Save the Date cards and inspired the creation of our wedding website – Okay, first thing’s f@*king last: if you didn’t already figure it out, “BlineGowan” is a combination of our last names – Blinebury and McGowan. If you ever meet Buckus the bulldog, you will notice that his tag indicates that his last name is BlineGowan!

The man-friend and I wanted to make our wedding website unique, so we designed it as if it was a promotional website for a movie entitled BlineGowan. It really played off our Save the Date cards well since that also felt like an advertisement for an upcoming movie. Each page of the website is styled like a different Quentin Tarantino movie. We decided that the home page of the website should resemble the most popular of Tarantino movies (see the screenshot above). If the typography and 10¢ “sticker” in the upper right-hand corner didn’t clue you in, here’s an extra hint: The last good movie (in my not-so-humble opinion) that John Travolta starred in.

The Premiere page of the website is styled after Kill Bill – Volumes One and Two. Did you hear that Volume Three has been announced? Holy crap! And yes, those are blood stain graphics.

We included a Special Features page to inform our guests of the yummy treats, delicious craft beers and spectacular entertainment that await them come November! Can you guess the Tarantino movie that inspired this page? It’s Tarantino’s directorial debut – the amazingly bloody Reservoir Dogs.  Wow, I feel really old after searching IMDB for this film – it came out in 1992?!

The crème de la crème of the wedding website has to be the Cast page. Styled after Jackie Brown (Point of Fact: The last good movie Robert DeNiro starred in), this page features my favorite rendering of the BlineGowan logo. I made sure to use accurate fonts from the actual movie titles. Figuring out the Jackie Brown font took some Googling, but I finally decided on Emfatick NF as the font of choice. The ‘l’ and ‘n’ characters required some extra detailing to correctly mimic the Jackie Brown title.

The Cast page lists our entire wedding party as characters from Tarantino films along with memorable quotes for said characters. And believe me, the characters were not chosen randomly! We spent a whole lot of time (more than I’d like to admit) deciding who should be who. Choosing characters for all of my bridesmaids was a particularly tough task as there are a lot more male characters than female. There are actually no women at all in Reservoir Dogs!

The decision to add character quotes meant that we would be adding a lot of profanity onto our wedding website. I’m going to go ahead and assume that *most* wedding websites do not feature profanity. But that’s how we roll son!

I’m proud to say that my Dad has been personally showing to his colleagues. My Dad’s Tarantino character is Joe Cabot from Reservoir Dogs, a perfect choice if I do say so myself considering that he is dry, sarcastic and – if nothing else – in charge.

And if my Dad thinks this wedding website is cool, then I guess we’ve done our job!

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