I snob, therefore I am
Food & Fun & Drink | 14 April 2011

I snob, therefore I am

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While talking to my brother* the other day, I used the term “craft beer.” He grimaced and called me a snob. I started thinking a lot about his comment. Am I a snob? I then took an inventory of recent conversations that the man-friend and I have had with our friends and family.

A few recently discussed topics:

1. Craft beer and why it is better
2. Typography and what fonts not to use (Note: Comic Sans may only be used if you coach 3rd grade intramural basketball)
3. The term “good movie”

Okay, so when I say that we “discussed” these topics perhaps the more appropriate phrasing would be that we “lectured” our friends and family on these topics. We just can’t help ourselves! It makes us sad when people drink “triple hops brewed” Miller Lite** instead of fine-crafted ales from breweries like Yards, Troegs or Boaks. (Just discovered Boaks Brewery from NJ! Check out their delicious stout called Monster Mash immediately.)

I’ve personally argued many-a-time with friends over what constitutes a great movie. I really can’t stand it when people talk about a movie like this: “Well, I liked the movie except for the ending.” Well then you didn’t like it all that much. The ending of a movie is a pretty big deal, right? Come on! The reason a statement like that irritates me is that there are PLENTY of movies that are great all the way until the closing credits. So why should “500 Days of Summer” get a pass? (I thought that movie was pretty good until Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character met another girl named “Autumn.” Insert snarky comment about why that is lame HERE.)

Both the man-friend and I have schooled our friends on what fonts NOT to use. Most people roll their eyes and someone always feels bad for Comic Sans. Luckily, the man-friend and I have each other and can live out our snobby existence together. And hopefully our friends realize that we do mean well and will continue to invite us to dinner parties and summer barbecues!

I made a fancy beer desktop wallpaper!

In honor of my snobbiness, I made this digital illustration and it’s available for download below in various sizes to use as your desktop wallpaper. So in conclusion… drink craft beer, use high-quality fonts, watch great movies and enjoy!



*My brother is (admittedly) a full-blown music snob, so who is he to call me out?

**Miller Lite often uses the phrase “triple hops brewed” in their advertisements. This irritates beer snobs like me because most beers are triple hops brewed (if not more)! No one cares Miller Lite. Congratulations on creating a beer-flavored water, now leave me alone!

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