Computers, hard drives and printers, oh my!
Technology | 15 January 2011

Computers, hard drives and printers, oh my!

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I’m a total dork, I love technology. I spend most of my day in front of my computer. And when I’m not in front of my computer, I’m either teaching computer-based technology OR sleeping. That’s just how I roll. This year I was lucky enough to spoil myself with a few new tech toys. The biggest toy I got this year was my new 27 inch iMac. Wow, is it big. The man-friend is annoyed he can no longer see me in our shared office.

Accessories are key – in any situation! That orange bad boy on the top left is part of the brand LaCie‘s rugged model external hard drive. My new 500GB drive is great for meeting with clients and transferring student work. I LOVE LaCie; they are great, reliable drives! I have three LaCie drives – they are named LaBef (500GB), Big LaBef (1 TB) and Tough Guy (500GB – shown above). Yes, I name my drives. The new rugged drive has a triple interface with Firewire. If you don’t already know, Firewire is a different type of port for a computer and it is awesome  – so much faster than the standard go-to USB.

My other techcessories include:
iPod Touch or as I call it an iPhone that can’t make calls
DROID by Motorola
Apple “Magic” Trackpad (I’m using it right now, wild right?)

I really love the Brother brand. My sewing machine is a Brother! So I was not disappointed at all by the color laser printer I picked up in early 2010! I will be printing my wedding invitations on this awesome machine in the coming months. I’ve ran some test prints on beautiful Canson metallic card stock and they look amazing! As far as inkjet goes, I’m an Epson girl all the way – but the Brother is a great laser option!

Finally, as a photographer and a bonafide girlie-girl, I just HAD to get a new camera bag! An obvious and totally-worth-the-cost choice was the Classic Bag by Kelly Moore. I love the deceiving nature of this bag! Right now it’s sitting next to my desk and holding my Canon 5D camera, 3 lenses, a flash and a bunch of extras. The bag is designed to always stay upright! And did I mention that it’s cute?

The only thing missing from my collection is my very own iPad… with the release of the new multi-tasking iOS4 iPad, perhaps 2011 is the year!

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