'Tis the season for Photoshop
Design | 8 December 2010

‘Tis the season for Photoshop

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UPDATE: Listen to our full 2008 Christmas mix online!

It’s Christmas time and I can’t get enough of presents, holiday music, chocolately-coffee drinks and my Mom’s sugar cookies! I’ve been looking forward to December to write a special blog for the holiday season. A few years ago, the man-friend and I worked on a holiday mix CD for our friends and family. It was truly a collaboration and I thought it might be fun to share our process. Our home is full of vintage advertisements, movie posters and records. We wanted to create a retro-inspired CD featuring us as a quintessential American couple. So we began by taking very amusing photographs…

These are the raw, unedited original photographs. You can see the in the final design that we merged two photographs together. I wanted to look like a classic American housewife and we wanted Andy (the man-friend) to look sort-of smarmy. I think he definitely nailed it!

I even whipped up the dress and headband I’m wearing and used a vintage brooch to tie the whole thing together! So then I started pulling the individual images together along with another image of our Christmas tree to use on the final cover.

And so, my job was over. Andy (the man-friend) took over on the actual CD design which he wanted to base on a retro vinyl recording complete with the Stereophonic logo. A few more steps to make the CD complete and voila…

And how could our retro-inspired holiday mix be complete without a vinyl CD? Yup, we might have too much time on our hands; but we sure have fun!

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