Two drinks at once
Food & Fun & Drink | 8 October 2010

Two drinks at once

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This week’s Foto Friday is a FOUND Foto Friday. Like many photographers, I just love old photographs. And I especially love my family’s old photographs. I wanted to post some pictures of my parents from the 1970s. They were married in 1972 and next week they will celebrate 38 years together. It’s strange to think about what they were like as a young couple without a family.

Way to rock two drinks at once Mom! And how cool are the drapes in the image below? I want them, immediately! Also, is that a vintage Pepsi can I spot behind the ice bucket Dad?

During college I got a hold of their Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and created many images using this wonderful little machine. Unfortunately those days are over now that the film is unavailable. At that time I also absconded with their super fun photo albums. I love how my Mom used a label maker to create the bright blue labels on the front.

Oh those pre-digital days… where every image mattered.

What is Foto Friday? I post a photograph every Friday.  Let me know what you think!

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