Wedding | 17 September 2010


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This past Sunday, my man friend asked me to marry him. I will have to come up with something new to call him once we’re married because I guess “man friend” won’t be appropriate anymore. The proposal was just perfect and now the wedding mania begins. The very next day, I received our first “engagement” gifts from my Mom. Everyone already wants to know where and when! After all of the dancing, eating and celebrating, the one thing that remains is the photographs. The images below are from weddings in which I played the part of photographer! Two of the couples are my close friends, so sharing in their wedding was such a wonderful experience.

I’ve teamed up with a buddy of mine to photograph weddings, events and portraits. Our mix of editorial and traditional styles is a really great match. Plus, we have so much fun working together – check out Just North Studio.

The photograph above is my absolute favorite from Mike and Jill’s wedding last October at The Yellow Barn at the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster. Mike and Jill are my close friends, so I was equal parts nervous and excited to photograph their “big day”. I love this image because it captures the mood of the whole day. I had just photographed a more formal portrait of the couple in front of the yellow barn (you can see it below). As we were walking away, Jill pretended to dip Mike as if on the dance floor. I managed to turn around in time to get this one shot and I’m so glad I did. You can check out more images from Mike & Jill’s wedding here.

As the bride, you are the centerpiece of the entire event! So I think what’s really important is still looking like yourself. In the photograph above, my good friend Michele looks absolutely stunning with a lake in the Poconos as a pristine backdrop. I still can’t believe I convinced her to go out onto that little dock in her heels and dress. It’s a good thing no one fell in the lake. I believe that something like that might ruin a friendship…

What is Foto Friday? I post a photograph every Friday.  Let me know what you think!

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