The Ginger Path
Food & Fun & Drink | 24 September 2010

The Ginger Path

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I thought for this week’s Foto Friday post I might share some fun gifts I have made for the man-friend. To celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together, I created a fake pulp novel cover based on an original 1950s-era book by Gale Wilhelm. The book entitled “The Strange Path” was first published in the late 30s as “Torchlight to Valhalla”.  The lesbian-themed book was renamed and rereleased in 1953 with the updated title and a hot new cover:

Working from the original cover, I updated the title to something more appropriate (my man-friend is of the ginger species). I consider myself quite the expert when it comes to Photoshop, but you can see that my work is not necessarily seamless on screen. I knew that it wouldn’t really matter though, since I was going to print out the fake cover and wrap it around a pre-existing book.

I knew I had to create the spine of the book as well so that once inside the shadow box, it would look authentic. Okay, it would look as close to “authentic” as I could make it!

My gift was a surprise so I had to incorporate a photograph of the man-friend that I already had. That made choosing a starting point a bit more tricky. I had a ball Photoshopping my head onto this tiny little body. The following year I made another fake pulp novel incorporating aspects from our neighborhood. The Photoshopping in this one is really bad, but hopefully you will appreciate the humor in it.

The “Fishtown Nurse” book sits on a shelf with some of our other “old junk”. Please take some time to appreciate the fact that we have a 1970s limited edition Texas Chainsaw Massacre lunchbox!

What is Foto Friday? I post a photograph every Friday.  Let me know what you think!

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