Nothing fancy
Art | 2 September 2010

Nothing fancy

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Everyone’s got a friend in a band, and I’m no different. I’m happy to report that most of my friends’ bands are pretty good. I created the image above for Meeting in the Aisle (you should follow them @mitaisle or They happen to be a Radiohead tribute band and they are insanely good. Sure, it’s fun to hear a band cover “Creep” for the billionth time, but I’ve seen these boys rock out “National Anthem” with a horn section at The North Star Bar. Nut-so indeed!

I wanted to take a look back at these “portraits” I created of each member of the band. Now that the Fall semester has officially began, it’s great to be back in the classroom and be able to show my students the cool stuff you can do with really low-end technology. These images were made with my Mom’s crappy all-in-one Hewlett-Packard scanner, copier, printer. So although it looks like I applied some weird noise-inducing filter, the rainbow lined markings you see in the image are just the digital artifacts left behind from a crappy scanner. Most scanners – especially an all-in-one like my Mom’s – is designed to just pick up flat images like pictures and documents on the surface of the glass. So when you put three-dimensional objects on the scanner – in this case a person’s head – weird stuff can happen. Super weird and fun stuff!

This is Karl, he is the Thom Yorke of Meeting in the Aisle. He does a very nice Thom-style dance thing that you need to see.

Check out this amazing detail.

Some scanners can pick up amazing amounts of detail. I’m what you might call a scanner expert. Below is another scanner composition, from a series I am developing called Buzz Bomb. “Buzz Bomb” was the colloquial name given to the German V-1 flying bomb rockets of World War II. These bombs and their more advanced descendent the V-2 rocket were equipped with auto-pilot guidance systems, so they did not require the vision of an individual bomber. This has nothing to do with Radiohead or Meeting in the Aisle, but hopefully you appreciate the technique none-the-less.

In conclusion, you should check out Meeting in the Aisle’s next show on October 2nd at The North Star Bar. It’s the 10th anniversary of Radiohead’s Kid A album and Meeting in the Aisle will be playing it from start to finish! What’s better, my man friend who runs Atop An Elephant Design creates all of MitA’s super cool posters. Here’s the brand new poster for the upcoming show:

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