Got fabric?
Food & Fun & Drink | 19 August 2010

Got fabric?

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As an amateur seamstress, I always find myself with extra swatches of fabric that I have no use for – most of the times because they are too small or oddly shaped. I recently used some extra fabric from IKEA to create a wall piece for above my sewing area. The IKEA fabrics are great for futon covers, pillows, curtains, or even fun tote bags. You can check out all of their fabrics here. The only bummer about buying the fabric is finding someone in their giant maze of a store to cut it for you. But, it’s worth the wait!

To make this wall piece, I first removed the canvas from an old painting stretcher. I then wrapped the fabric around the stretcher and stapled the fabric down to the back of the stretcher bars. Use a staple gun and ask a friend to help hold the stretcher steady. You want to make sure that the fabric is stretched really tightly. You can also just buy a pre-made stretcher without canvas, like this one here. And voila, just hang as you would normally hang a painting. For the wall piece above, I also added an additional piece of fabric. I cut one of the flowers out of the IKEA fabric and simply pinned it onto the piece with fancy straight pins.

With smaller pieces of fabric, you can use small stretchers or line a shadowbox like in the image below. I used two different fabric types in 9″ x 12″ shadow boxes that I painted lime green. A.C. Moore carries inexpensive unfinished shadow boxes that you can paint or stain yourself. ¬†Use a staple gun to affix the fabric inside the boxes. I loosely attached the fabric inside the boxes, to create a sense of depth inside the boxes.

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