Shoe Freak
Food & Fun & Drink | 30 May 2009

Shoe Freak

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I recently took “glamor shots” of every pair of shoes I own. For years now, I have wanted to catalog each pair and display their photos on the boxes. Finally I made it a reality! I guess this makes me a bit of a freak; or, it might possibly be one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.

Some of my favorites:

Blue BCBG peep-toe wedges: All of my shoes have a story. I bought these for my MFA thesis exhibition.  I also wore them to my graduation. They are for special occasions. They are sky-high and amazing.

Gold & silver knot wedges by Z & M: These beauties are brand new, purchased on a recent trip to Germany. Made it Italy, they need to be worn with a little black dress. They will also be adorable with some black tights in the Winter.

Orange & silver Kathryn Amberleigh peep-toe pumps: Amberleigh is such a fun designer. I love how playful and unique every shoe is.  I rang in the New Year in these babies! Quite appropriate, if I do say so myself.

Vintage black & silver patent leather t-pumps: All I know about these gorgeous little heels is that they were made in England and that they’re just fabulous. Super cute and comfortable – the silver accent makes them so much more than a black patent heel.

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