Stick it!
Design | 28 May 2009

Stick it!

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I have a bit of a post-it note obsession. I like Sharpies a lot too.

My obsession with post-its is a bit more traditional. I currently have 5 different types of post-it notes on my desk:

1. Traditional block post-its
2. Large green post-its with a Geico-esque frog peering out curiously
3. “B” post-it notes because I’m Beth
4. Pink heart post-its
5. Index card post-its

A few months ago I helped some friends create a post-it note Save the Date. From this original creation, I’ve added some new items to my Etsy shop. I have several Save the Date and Party Invitation designs available in this post-it note format. It’s a great idea for anyone looking to stray from the more traditional announcement card or magnet. A range of designs available, starting at $1.30 each (price includes matching envelope).

Stick (and re-stick) them anywhere. Check out all of the new designs available!

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